Quiksee Confirms That It Was Acquired By Google, Remains Vague On Details

Israeli newspaper Haaretz recently reported that a local startup called MentorWave Technologies was being acquired for its Quiksee product, which enables anyone to create and upload location-based, interactive 3D videos.

The reported purchase price was $10 million, and the general consensus was that Google would be buying the fledgling company for its technology, which would enhance its own geo products (Maps, Earth and Street View).

Both companies remained mum about any acquisition, though, until now.

In a brief message posted on the Quiksee website, the company confirms having been picked up by the Mountain View Internet giant, not disclosing much else.

Update: We’ve learned that Google actually bought Quiksee for $12 million – we’ve updated the company’s CrunchBase profile to reflect that information.

The company has not confirmed the purchase price tag, however, and also doesn’t hint at future product plans, revealing only that the team will be joining the Google Geo team (which is obviously not much of a surprise).

Said team consists – at least – of co-founders Gadi Royz, Rony Amira and Assaf Harel.

We are delighted to announce that Quiksee has been acquired by Google!

We’ve learned a lot from our previous work at Quiksee, and we look forward to bringing our experience, creativity and insight to Google. Both Google and Quiksee share the same innovative vision, and while we can’t share any future product plans, we look forward to the opportunity to contribute and do great things together in the future.

We’ll be joining the Google Geo team and hope to have news for you soon. Stay tuned!

Quiksee Team