Anssi Vanjoki – Wisdom from the man who would be Nokia's King

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A, perhaps salient, short story by Rudyard Kipling, details the rise of a humble army Sargeant in the Anglo Indian wars to the point where he commands a kingdom, albiet briefly. It appears Anssi Vanjoki, head of Nokia’s smartphones between July and, er, yesterday, may, just possibly, have considered himself the rightful heir to the Nokia throne, prior to the installment of Mr. Elop. So, by way of some sort of tribute, we present for you the wisdom of the man who would be Nokia’s King, as transmitted through his tweets:

  • Martin Rigby

    Where do I get (or avoid) some of what he was on? Amazing stream of semi-consciousness.

  • andre

    did not think of verifying it is really anssi, did you?

    this is a fake account and is not the real anssi….

    • Martin Rigby

      …and the motivation for faking the twitter stream of a Finnish mobile handset executive? Looks like rather hard work to me.

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