Another Display Size For Acer's Tablet?

We know that Acer has been planning on the release of two tablets, 7 and 10-inch form factors, but now there’s new details about a third form factor. That’s right, another size, smaller than earlier mention; a 5-inch Acer will now join the lineup.

The smallest model will targeted at consumers that are in between needs for smartphone and tablet. The processor for the models running Android 3.0 is still to be determined–either Qualcomm’s Snapdragon or Nvidia’s Tegra 2. The processor for the x86 model will be an Intel running Windows 7; this model to be built by Compal will ship in small volumes.

This new tablet should be pretty cool for those who want all the features of a phone, don’t need a super mobile device, but still want more features and greater screen real estate. Hopefully it can catch on with the telecom providers. Anyone hear subsidies?