As "Instant" Services Proliferate, Instantise Gives Them All A Home

Yesterday I wrote about how all web services could possibly be more useful with some “Instantization”; Scottish engineer Tam Denholm had the very same idea, and built Instantise to house the recent outcrop of Google Instant-inspired services on one URL (The American usage “Instantize” also redirects).

On the Instantise homepage you can find original instant search gangster Google, YouTube Instant, Maps Instant, Images Instant and the Denholm-created Hacker News Instant, Twitter Instant, and even Instant. Hacker News Instant is especially delightful.

Denholm holds that the concept was “inspired/stolen from Michael Hart who got inspired/stole from Feross Aboukhadijeh who got inspired/stole from Google [and boredom]”, once again proving that especially in coding,  good artists copy, great artists steal.

Update: Denholm has added Techmeme Instant to Instantise’s roster of homebrew services.

Vaguely related video, below: