Reserve Your Name At About.Me

Early this year we wrote about Pumkpinhead, the working name for new startup being created by repeat entrepreneurs/investors Tony Conrad and Tim Young. We didn’t know much about the startup except that it had top angel investors involved: True Ventures, Ron Conway, AOL Ventures, Scott Kurnit, Founders Collective, Radar Partners (Doug Mackenzie & Kevin Compton) and David Mahoney. Freestyle Capital has also invested since then.

The company is still in stealth, but they’ve given out a few beta accounts to friends and advisors, they say. Part of the product is a personal profile page that points people to your content around the Internet, allowing you to pull all this information together to build a single online identity. So these beta users are creating very noticeable splash pages. Examples: Founder Tony Conrad, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong, Typekit founder Jeffrey Veen and author Ellen Hopkins. You can see my page here.

There’s a lot more to the product on the back end to help users understand how many people see your profile, where they’re coming from and what they do on your page.

You can’t sign up for it just yet, but you can reserve your username. Over the last couple of years we’ve all learned the importance of securing your name on services like Twitter and Facebook. If this seems like a product you’ll use, you will want to grab your name now. I’m pretty stoked I got /Mike myself.

Just go to and type in your email and the username you want. If it confirms the name is yours. If not it’s already taken or reserved. Just about everything is wide open right now.