Fitness Tracker Fitbit Gains Another $8 Million

Fitness technology startup and TC 50 finalist Fitbit just raised $8 million in funding, judging by this recent SEC Form D filing. According to information gleaned from the document, the $8 million looks to be part of a Series B round that the company hopes will eventually top out at $9 million.

The filing also lists The Foundry’s Brad Feld as joining the board as part of the financing, but has no details as to the extent of the The Foundry’s involvement. With no major milestones since its last $2 million round of Series A (lead by True Ventures) in October of 2008, one can only speculate about the driving force behind Fitbit’s latest bit of financing.

The company’s current key product thrusts are the Fitbit Tracker and its web-based fitness data aggregation technologies that track weight, nutrition, exercise schedules and other health related data.

Update: We’ve found Brad Feld’s FitBit profile, and it looks like he’s been using it everyday this past month.