Ask a VC: Fred Wilson Gives Blunt Answers to Your Questions (TCTV)

I think this show is going to be a winner. That’s not as arrogant of a statement as it sounds, because the content has little to do with me. Your questions elicited great answers from one of the most powerful consumer Web investors on the planet, Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures. What’s not to like?

It’s a long video, so here are some of the topics we cover: Whether venture capital still a home run business; why Wilson says “I won’t do (a convertible debt deal) I never have and I hope I never will;” his view on whether crowd sourcing funding will disrupt the industry; whether Twitter appreciates its developers enough; advice for entrepreneurs in other countries looking for US funding and how much salary a founder should ask for. Hands-down my favorite moment is around the five minute mark when I ask what his wish for the venture industry is by the end of the year.

Next week, we have Satish Dharmaraj of Redpoint Ventures in the hot seat so send in your questions now to askaVC(at)techcrunch(dot)com.