Apprentice star launches The Daily Chic, an offers aggregator

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Former UK apprentice TV star Michelle Dewberry has been dabbling around the edges of the tech scene the last couple of years but until now she’s concentrated on a media play, Chiconomise, centred around hand-picking nice deals for women on a budget (a recession friendly idea, no?). But we’ve finely won our Michelle over to the Good Side of The Force, now that she’s launched an automated aggregator for all the best UK group buying and offers-based sites: The Daily Chic.

Together with business partner Vicky Zadeh she says she “originally had an eye on the daily deal space after seeing WOOT’s success. When I noticed Groupon I wanted to set up a daily deal site but realised there was a new one launching (and going bust) every day.” The Daily Chic was born to stand on top of all those deals sites.

The site covers Groupon, Groupola, KGB, Wahanda, Crowdity, living social, wowcher and Glamoo – in other words almost all the main players in the UK, although Keynoir, the second biggest player, is missing from that list.

Every day subscribers receive an email in their city showing the deals that day, all automated and tracked. The deals are brought in via XML feeds. Of course, dailychic is hoping that users will just unsubscribe from all the other sites and use them as a one stop shop.

Users can select by city or category and merchant and all deals can be viewed in full on the site and shared by just about any social sharing method. Previous deals are also listed to give users a comparison base

Dewberry says they have rapid growth plans are currently in talks with investors.

Out take is that this is a classic time to market play. If she gets it right and uses her celeb super-powers, this might be the droid she’s looking for. The drawback is – others can easily pull XML feeds and reproduce the play. We’ll see.

  • James Nixon

    Great idea, but this is something that have been doing for a good number of months. As mentioned though, celeb status could give this the leg up it needs.

    • Luke

      Yeah I agree not completely new concept but certainly looks better than the others that are out there and with the celeb status in the mix they might just be on to something. Lets wait and see if its still going this time next year! Good Luck!

  • Catherine

    Just had a look. Really like the site

  • Ian T

    Group buying – yawn, bubble.

  • Sam

    Had a look at the site it looks really good. group buying all in one place makes it so much easier Love it

  • Scarlett

    Seems much easier than cluttering up your inbox, seems bang up todate. Its got my vote.

  • Carl K

    Nice, aggregation is the way forward….

  • buyer beware

    Inflating RRPs of stuff you can’t sell and then pretending it’s 90% off will not fool many.

    • Andy

      I love reading comments like this. Since when was group buying about inflating prices? These deals come from genuine businesses that have set their prices according to the market forces in their location and not because they have set up as a result of group buying. The whole idea of using the group buying platform on the internet from a business perspective is to drive traffic to their business whether that be for brand awareness, new customers or fill up quieter slots. Its a great marketing and advertising tool as it is likely to cost less than traditional TV, radio or media advertising and guarantees visits to your premises (or you benefit from getting cash for nothing if people forget to use their vouchers). So not quite with you on your concept.
      And to come back to this aggregator site – great idea to bring all the group buying sites in to one place. Certainly makes it easier for the customer.

      • buyer beware

        Go ahead and sign up for spam. Then Techcrunch can write another post about Dailychic doubling its Twitter followers.

      • Michelle Dewberry


        Totally agree. We are living in an age where the local high street is sadly declining and smaller shops are struggling to attract new customers. Group buying is a great marketing tool for these smaller brands and stores (think classified ads gone global). All the brands I’ve spoken to are very pleased with the results following their promotion on a group buying site and the customers love it too. Win, win.

        In the UK we still have work to do in making the concept mainstream but that will come with time and more players entering the market.

  • Jonathan

    Sounds less silly than what a lot of former-Apprentices go on to! But am I missing something with the Star Wars references?!

  • Philip Wilkinson

    It’s not all the major players Mike – is not listed as we don’t work with aggregators. This makes dailychic less than fully comprehensive…

    • Phil Langham

      I certainly wouldn’t describe Keynoir as a “major player” in this field. My wife and I both signed up to the the Keynoir site and within a week we had both unsubscribed. Deal selection was way off the mark and we didn’t see the point of having to sign up to see them. I’ve spoken to a lot of people recently who have also unsubscribed.

    • Danny

      I also wouldn’t call Keynoir a Major player… They may have “major” people behind them but they seem to be doing terrible. I’d be quite embarrassed if I was them. The only people who are doing well and will do well in this game is Groupon and Livingsocial. Everyone else might as well give up now and move on with there “start up” life’s.

      • Geert Lejon

        I actually signed up to Keynoir in the early days as I thought it was an interesting concept. I have been dissapointed ever since with the quality of the deals. I recal one day recently was a magazine subscription (which was available elsewhere online at a better price). When a site is promising us ‘the best deals around’ I would like to see better deals coming our way.

        I’m also a fan of Wahanda who second to Groupon I have used frequently.

        Like the aggregator idea, makes sense. I have signed up and will be interesting to watch it develop.

      • Benedict

        Guys if keynoir believe they are second in the major player stakes then great. consumers should benefit from this as maybe they’ll start to bring out some better deals. Suppose this is why a good aggregator is needed to balance it all out. Well done the apprentice just make sure you do a good job

      • Mya

        Danny, would you like to elaborate on what you mean by ‘they seem to be doing terrible’? At least give us the facts that you are basing your ‘insightful’ comments on.

      • Mya

        Danny, I also wanted to mention that you should check your spelling and grammar. A school child could do better than ‘there “start up” life’s”?

      • Andy

        Rather than getting in to an online bun fight (much that I love reading the banter) why not constructively discuss the article in hand. Is Group Buying the way to go and why should consumers trust these sites and the deals on them and do all parties involved really benefit.
        Also, I noticed an article last week about Celebs getting on board with a new deal site. Do you think Celebs like Michelle and those launching Goodypass make a difference to this arena?

      • Philip Wilkinson

        @Danny, @Benedict, @Geert, @Phil – always sorry to hear if someone has not been getting what they expected from Keynoir. Would really appreciate some feedback on why you thought the deals weren’t good or varied enough.

        To give you a small sample of what we have run recently:
        *a Late Summer Getaway to a Luxury Boutique Hotel in Wales
        * Lunch For Two At Michelin-Starred Benares In Mayfair
        * Action-Packed Activity Day with The Kitesurf Centre
        * Spice Things Up At Michelin-Starred Tamarind – Four Course Meal For Two People
        * Ten Outdoor Bootcamp Sessions With Walker Bros Fitness
        * Cocktails and Canapés For Two At Flemings in Mayfair

        All browseable at: if you login.

        I hope you can agree these are pretty varied and high quality. We even have Nobu coming up.

        Is there anything we’re missing?

      • Jane MacArthur

        I find that Keynoir have a much better level of high quality varied deals on offer. Groupon seem to offer an endless supply of teeth whitening and beauty treatments, I’ve googled many of the places they’ve listed and found mediocre/bad reviews, and have not yet found anything worth buying on Groupon, who also seem to find it necessary to spam me with far more emails.

    • Brian

      Why wouldn’t you work with aggregators aren’t you missing a trick surely you want to maximise your sales? Or are you more of a secret flash sale site rather than a group buying site?

  • Michelle Dewberry

    Really enjoying the comments on the article. We’ve been experimenting with group buying for quite some time on my other site It’s been really interesting to watch people’s attitudes to group buying and which sites they like, trust and shop with. As regards to being fully comprehensive, the dailychic rounds up all the sites that our target audience have repeatedly shown (via chiconomise) that they enjoy and those which feature deals they consistently want to buy.

    I find the whole group buying space incredibly interesting and am looking forward to both seeing the space evolve and developing the dailychic.

    The dailychic

    • Philip Wilkinson

      That’s interesting Michelle considering I’m staring at our member stats and there are a lot of buyers who seem to have been referred from chiconomise… :-)

  • John Howard Norfolk

    May we please have Exeter as a choice?

  • Sophia F

    Michelle, without any disrespect, I expected a bit more from you given your outstanding performance on the show – your site is simply just replicating what has already been done.

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