XM Snap Appears On FCC's Site: Appears To Be A Phone (Android?) Dock Of Some Sort

Something called the XM Snap has appeared on the FCC’s Web site, and we have no idea what it does! I mean, all signs point to it being a dock of some sort for Android-based phones, but who knows?

The FCC documents describe the device thus:

The XM Snap, Model No.:XSN1, is a Satellite Digital Audio Radio Service (SDARS) receiver for Sirius XM Radio. The unit is a vehicle accessory with a transmitter operating in the 88 – 108 MHz FM band. The XM Snap supplies the incoming satellite digital audio signal to the vehicle’s radio via wired connection (Audio cable, FM Direct, or Cassette Adapter) or wireless FM transmission (Power Connect or FEA).

Meanwhile, an e-mail between Sirius XM and the FCC has been discovered, and it says,

…the device is understood to be a composite device comprised of a transmitter and digital device in which the 3.8 GHz VCO controls the transmitter and is also used with the digital device that has other functions other than controlling the transmitter.

Yup, sounds like a phone car dock, doesn’t it? Kinda like that iPhone thing, the Skydock.

Then again, at the rate Sirius XM is getting rid of talent, you have to wonder who could possibly care about shiny new toys.

If there’s nothing exclusive to Sirius XM that’s of any value, then why keep sinking money into it?

A question many of us seem to be facing these days…