Plumen Bulbs Make CFLs Look Good – But They're Still CFLs

At the moment, if you’re looking to move to more eco-friendly bulbs, your choices are compact fluorescents or LEDs. The trouble is that LEDs are still pretty expensive (though their color temperature issues are being worked out), and CFLs are… well, fluorescent. Nobody likes fluorescent light.

So while these cool-looking Plumen CFL bulbs let you do away with the incandescent-aping bulb shape of normal CFLs, they’re still going to flicker and hum the way this kind of light always has (at €30, they’re also a bit expensive). If it never bothered you before, then get buyin’, but if you get fluorescent headaches, I’d wait for cheap LEDs.

Or find another way to be green. Power consumption on this level is more “feel good” eco-friendly than “actually effective.”

[via Likecool and Gizmodo]