I Am T-Pain for iPhone now delivering Auto-Tuned tracks straight to your shawtaaay's voicemail

As a wise man once said: pimpin’ aint easy. Then cell phones came along, and made things even harder. You know how hard it is to keep your pimpin’ voice strong when it’s being compressed down to pretty much nothing and sent through a few dozen cell towers? In the age of GSM, no one gets to sound like a stunnah on the phone. No one*.

Smule, the masterminds behind the oh-so-damn-clever I Am T-Pain iPhone app, think they have the answer: your voice? Auto-Tune it. Slap some beats on top, and then send it straight to your boo’s voicemail.

Today, Smule is launching an update to I Am T-Pain with a feature they’re calling “T-Pain Dialer”. As you may have gathered from my potentially offensive ravaging of unfamiliar nomenclature above, T-Pain Dialer lets you record a track in I Am T-Pain, then deliver that track by dialing up someone’s number and playing it back. If they answer, it’ll play for them live — if they don’t, it’ll be waiting for them in their voicemail.

Given the limitations of the iPhone SDK (you can’t invoke a call from an application without leaving said application), a bit of background trickery is required here. You’re actually sending your jam to SayNow‘s servers, who is in turn connecting the call and playing your melodic messages back for you. Alas, as with just about any trickery that requires third-parties and external servers, such trickery doesn’t come free — but fortunately, the price really isn’t too steep. This weekend, you’ll get 5 T-Pain Dials for 99 cents; after that, you’ll get 3 for the same price. Oh, and the first Dial-Out is free.

Feelin’ stingy? Don’t worry: the free methods of delivery (Facebook, Myspace, E-mail) are still free. You’ve only gotta cough up the dough if you want to get fancy.

* Except for Morgan Freeman, because, I mean, come on.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0b_Dva-KBls&fs=1&hl=en_US]