Amazon Payments Now Allows Users To Checkout Directly On Merchant Websites

Today, Amazon Payments, the company’s PayPal competitor, has made its payments feature on third-party sites much more streamlined. Checkout by Amazon, which allows anyone with an account to make purchases on a third-party merchant’s site using their account credentials, don’t have to leave the site to access their payment information and address book when completing a purchase.

Previously, consumers had to leave a merchant’s site after clicking the checkout button, and were redirected to Amazon if using Amazon Checkout. Now, consumers can access their Amazon address book and stored payment methods directly on a merchant’s site.

The new version of Checkout By Amazon is already being used by and clothing site WetSeal. Amazon says that this small feature will be able to make the checkout process easier for its “tens of millions of account holders.”

There’s no doubt that not having to leave a merchant’s site could help with the conversion process at checkout. Of course, Checkout By Amazon is not nearly has popular as PayPal, which seems to be growing by leaps and bounds, and is adding one million new accounts per month. And PayPal has been allowing users to checkout in merchant sites for some time now.