Sacca's On A Roll; Raises Another $20 Million For Lowercase Capital

As we wrote yesterday, it appeared that Chris Sacca’s newly launched fund, Lowercase Capital, has raised over $20 million in funding over the course of the summer. But today, it looks like Sacca has filed another Form D under the name Lowercase RT, LP for another $20 million. Similar to the filings from yesterday, it’s unclear who the investors are from the SEC filing.

This brings the total amount raised over the past 6 months to nearly $50 million. It’s important to note that Sacca operates a number of other funds, so this recent $20 million and the previous raises could be used in his other investment vehicles. As Lowercase’s account cryptically Tweeted yesterday, #4: closed.

As GigaOm’s Liz Gannes wrote earlier this summer, Sacca operates a fund that makes investments in early-stage startups, and one that buys secondary market shares of companies such as Twitter and Facebook. Another two funds are jointly run with New York-based investors, and are focused on taking large public companies private in Hollywood, transportation and wireless. A fifth fund buys founder shares of early stage companies under the Lowercase brand.

Lowercase’s previous investments include SimpleGeo, Fanbridge, DailyBooth, Posterous and Stickybits. And Lowercase has been on an funding tear, participating in a number of recent rounds in hot startups, including, Chartbeat, and Backupify.