Mentaline – Just-Eat founder launches platform for virtual therapists and life coaches

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MentalineJesper Buch who co-founded Just-Eat, the European company that took fast food online, has launched his latest venture: Mentaline, a platform for therapists, life coaches and psychologists to deliver services to clients.

Ambitiously, it’s not a marketplace in which sessions eventually take place offline but instead the whole thing operates on the Web. Users browse the site by specialism to identify the right therapist and then book and pay for an online consultation which is delivered via webcam. In addition, the system scales so that sessions can be delivered to groups of people or couples, and a separate section of the site is tailored to ‘Masterclasses’ or life coaching-style lectures.

In terms of model, Mentaline charges a 10% commission fee for each completed session, as well as a sign-up fee for those offering services. Buch hopes to take what he learned through his experience with Just-Eat, which he says was “not only about bringing fast food to the consumer, but also about the processes between consumers and suppliers” when moving online, and apply this to the personal counseling, coaching and psychologist consultation industry.

To-date, Mentaline is self-funded by Buch, a self-professed “millionaire”, to the tune of £300k, although he says the startup is in talks with a couple of London-based VCs. In terms of direct competitors, the most comparable is probably U.S.-based

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  • Michael Freed

    How’s this different from

    • Sam Walter

      I am a therapist based in California and I use . It is integrated in my own website so I do not have to pay commission to Breakthrough or any other agencies. I pay a small monthly fee and I get video conferencing, text chat, screen sharing and white board among other tools. I think all of these different technologies are great for clients and therapists.

      There are many different options available now since the bandwidth and availability of video camera is not an issue any more…

  • Kasper

    @Michael Mentaline differs from in several ways.

    For example: only cater to the US, whereas is open to the entire world (though UK and Denmark are the primary markets for now)

    Mentaline also includes coaches aswell as therapists and psychologists.

    Mentaline offer a professional desktop software for the professionals

    I could go on and on about the differences… but let’s keep at this for now.

    • Sbk

      But, how do you ensure clients and therapists when using ordinary telephone and skype? We have spent 3 years and a lot of money to satisfy the need for secure communication! Legal action may well be expected?

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  • Onder Eren

    We are working on %100 same business model in Turkey and will open our web site at 20th September in Turkey for turkish therapy and coaching scene.
    By the way, we developed “Thor video – audio chat system” with text chat, video chat, audio chat, whiteboard and file management modules. We want to license this turnkey system to international entrepreneurs who want to open local clones. this is our diffrerence.

  • Michael Laskoff

    Mr. O’Hear,
    Thank you. The number of serious companies seeking to innovate in the areas of mental and behavior health worldwide are still limited. The fact that you devoted some of your resources to highlighting Mentaline simply helps bring to the fore the fact that there is important movement occurring.,, and (the company of which I’m CEO), all represent valid and helpful evolutions in a field in desperate need of an update. To be clear, the issue has less to do with the competence of individual licensed providers and more with the field as a whole that struggles to benefit from what research and communications technologies already make possible.

    And while the companies mentioned are in the peleton, none of us can claim the lead. That distinction goes to a Dutch company called Not only have they been doing remote, evidence treatments for over a decade, they have been publishing their results in peer-reviewed journals. They are the real deal, by which I mean that they have proving real help to people in need and proving it. Their actions pave the way for the rest of us.

    So, Mr. O’Hear, thanks for bringing Mentaline to everyone’s attention. Now, drop Dr. Jeroen Ruwaard a line at Interapy and find out what’s been going on in Amsterdam since the dawn of the millennium.

    Thank you and best regards,

    Michael B. Laskoff
    CEO –

  • Andres Neira de Back

    Dutch Professional psychological treatment via Skype video –

    Eye2eye psychologists is since January 2010 specialised in the treatment of psychological disorders via Skype video. This enables us to provide psychological support in the Dutch language to anybody worldwide. Dutch healthcare psychologists registered under the Individual Health Care Professions Act (Wet BIG) and cognitive behavioural therapists provide this support online.

    Best regards,

    Andres Neira de Back
    Owner eye2eye psychologen

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