iOS 4.1 now officially available to everyone

If you’re one of the people who decided to wait on the leaked final build of iOS 4.1 in hopes that Apple would have an official release soon (look at you and your patience), good news: it’s go time.

Just moments ago, iOS 4.1 broke out of its developer-only testing cage and into iTunes land.

Can’t remember what’s new here? Here’s a quick refresher:

  • Proximity Sensor fix for iPhone 4
  • Game Center
  • iTunes TV Show Rentals
  • Support for Apple’s new social network, Ping, built into the iTunes app
  • HDR Photo taking, which automagically cleans up pictures by combining multiple, simultaneously-taken shots into one
  • HD Video Uploads to MobileMe/Youtube over WiFi

Ready for the update? Hop into iTunes, and pound the appropriate button until you get what you’re looking for