Galaxy Tab Gets UK Data Plans But Subsidized Price Still Elusive

The price of the Galaxy Tab is being rolled out as slowly as the device itself; early reports pegged it at €700 to begin with, or £679, or several other wildly different numbers — and then a Samsung exec flipped everyone’s bit by saying it would sell for under $300. It’s clear that it’ll probably be available both with and without a carrier picking up the tab (so to speak), but pricing for wireless data is still worth checking out.

The Tab will be coming to Three in the UK, and you can get a data only plane for £7.50/1GB or £15/5GB. That’s more generous than AT&T’s shockingly restrictive iPad plans, at least.

There’s still no legitimate subsidized or unsubsidized price in sight, though, so until Samsung elucidates us on that particular subject, we’re quite in the dark, especially if US numbers are going to be much different from UK ones.