Comcast Starts COMCAST4U SMS Service: Text NOW To See What's On TV Now (And So On)

Comcast has a new service that could actually prove useful. Now how many times have I ever written that sentence—like zero times? That’s how big a deal that is. Anyhow, it’s called COMCAST4U, and it’s an SMS service that lets you interact with your Comcast service right from your phone. Say, you text NOW to to the number (266278) and you get back a list of all that’s on the TV at the time.

Here are some of the commands that you can use:

NOW Provides a list of what’s on TV at that point in time
PRIMETIME Lists that night’s primetime TV lineup
VOD Offers highlights of On Demand content
SPORTS Delivers sports schedules and scores
CALLME Places the customer in queue to receive a call back from Comcast
BAL Provides current account balance
OUT Advises if the address is experiencing a known service interruption
HIT Sends a reset signal to equipment
NOAPPT Allows customers to cancel scheduled service calls
LOC Offers the address of the nearest payment center

The service, which is free, is available now to Comcast subscribers in Philadelphia (and the surrounding suburbs), and will roll out nationally “over the course of the next few months.”

So, you’re out at a boring dinner and want to know what time the Eagles game is on tomorrow. Text SPORTS to 266278 and there you go.