"Thank You" Email Causes Angry Mob To Descend On AT&T Facebook Page

Earlier today AT&T sent out a “Special Message From AT&T” email highlighting a 18-19 billion dollar investment in their network as well as plans for other improvements. The email provides a link to their Facebook page an avalanche of comments like this cropped up:

“”Im only sticking out my contract because I dont have the money to pay a termination fee at the moment. “

“I switched to AT&T solely for the iPhone. I have such terrible reception in my neighborhood that I can’t actually use it as a phone. My coworker received a FREE microcell for this very reason, apparently he is a “valued AT&T customer” whereas I am not. I spoke with several people at AT&T on multiple calls trying to receive one also, but they all insisted “no one” has ever gotten it free. I know this is untrue because I saw the letter from granting him a free microcell at any AT&T store and was there as he received his complimentary device, “as a valued customer.” Sad that your company had to develop an VoIP device so people could use their phone for it’s intended purpose, especially in a major city like San Francisco. Perhaps spending 10s of billions of dollars on your network is not such sound footing, for when the iPhone goes to different carriers, surely so will your entire iPhone customer base. Let me know when you’re ready to send me my free microcell.”

“I don’t want a NATION WIDE response. I want a LOCAL targeted response. Tell me what you are doing to improve service in San Francisco please. The iPhone capital of the world is pretty much the wrong place to have bad service. I lose my service in our elevator at work: SOMA. I have no service in my apartment: LOWER HAIGHT. My roommate sits there on his Droid / Verizon & has a whole conversation without saying “oh wait can you hear me?” and losing his call 5x. I have to go outside to our porch, or lean out the window to make a call or send a txt. I literally get frustrated with AT&T almost EVERY SINGLE DAY. Make a change, and announce that change locally, with measurable results via feedback from people & you get to keep me as a customer when Verizon/iPhone comes out.”

“The coverage here in Denver is mortifying. On a scale of 1-10, my service here is a 3. I used to love your service, best of all time, was never happier…now it’s a joke. Support is a joke. Customer Service, a joke. They said they would give me a discount once my service got better..I pay $150 every month…after 6 months of dropped calls, lost business, missing everything, they offered me a $31.00 discount off 1 month.”

I HATE ATT!!!!!!!!

Here’s the email that started it all:

The most ironic part of the whole debacle? You have to “Like” the AT&T page to leave a comment, so many of the people expressing their anger and frustration were actually giving props to AT&T.

Update: Seth Bloom from AT&T tells TechCrunch that the company appreciates the feedback whether positive or negative, “Our letters today – in addition to thanking customers and outlining what we’re doing to make sure our service continually improves – asked for feedback and we’re getting it. We engage with customers all day every day on Facebook. We don’t delete comments, we answer questions and complaints directly and honestly, and we have a separate team of customer service managers who engage one-on-one with customers who post specific problems.”