We Make Our Turkish Celebrity Gossip TV Show Debut Thanks To The Facebook Song

At TechCrunch, we’re obviously no strangers to having our reports cited in the mainstream media from time to time. But one latest example is particularly awesome. A couple weeks ago, we mentioned the excellent Facebook music video by Turkish pop star Ismail YK. Apparently, that story led to an entire segment on a Turkish celebrity gossip show, as Turkish TechCrunch reader Arda Kutsal (and editor of Turkish Web 2.0 site Webrazzi) pointed out.

Kutsal was even able to find the clip of the segment on YouTube. If you cut to about 1:40 in you’ll see and hear a massive amount about TechCrunch and myself. Though, if you’re like me and can’t understand Turkish, you’ll probably understand little else. Still, very cool.

Ismail YK was even nice enough to appear towards the end of the segment and thank us in English for the story — and to tell us he looks forward to seeing us in Turkey. Us too, Ismail. Keep the songs coming.