This Friday: Fred Wilson Answers Your Questions

So far most of our shows on TechCrunchTV have been about bringing you news, analysis and interviews of some of Silicon Valley’s most powerful and interesting personalities. But starting this Friday, we’re going to get you, dear readers, into the mix– or at least your questions.

We’re launching a new weekly show called “Ask a VC” until we think of something more clever or punny. (Paging, Dr. Carr to the newsroom…) Here’s how it’ll work: You email any question you want to askavc(at)techcrunch(dot)com. We cull through those questions and pick the most unique or most frequently asked or most interesting ones and Friday morning, we get a well-known VC on Skype and we ask away. Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures is going first this Friday. Wilson has some of the hottest companies in his portfolio including Twitter, Zynga and Etsy. Email any questions you have for him now! We’ll try to get through as many as we can.

The idea is that millions of entrepreneurs who read TechCrunch around the world don’t always have access to pick these guys’ brains, and we want to give you that chance. Ask questions about advice, the market, his portfolio, his blog— anything you want. And watch Friday afternoon to see if we picked your question.