PS3 Update Closes Loophole: PSJailbreak and PSGroove Blocked

Recently hacked your PS3? If you want to keep on playing those indie games, be aware that the next update will probably block you from doing that. This new update targets users who are using PSJailbreak and/or PSGroove. Sony’s severe actions against hacked consoles received mixed responses from the players; most of them of course hate the fact that Sony puts enormous effort in fighting hackers while they don’t listen to the users at all. Maybe it is time to focus on the Move that will be in the shops on the 15th and still looks like a dildo (the Move Shooting Attachment is cool though).

Sony, while reassuring that hacking will not be tolerated had no further comments on the matter.

“Since this is an overall security related issue, we will not be providing further commentary to this case. But as we always have, we will continue to take necessary actions to both hardware and software to protect the intellectual content provided on the PlayStation 3.”