Gesture Remote Forgoes Buttons For A Simple Trackpad

TV remotes need a makeover and the Gesture Remote concept might be a step in the right direction. Currently there are too many buttons and functions spread across multiple remotes; it’s overwhelming at times and universal remotes only solve part of the problem. This is where the Gesture Remote helps. The entire remote is one trackpad, which allows for intuitive gestures and movement. Think the Apple Magic Trackpad molded for your hand.

Want the selector to move up in the EPG? Slide your thumb up. Want to select a given program? Tap with your thumb. It’s that easy, but admittedly, the remote lacks direct input buttons so it’s not exactly perfect. Besides, the gesture support would have to be wrote into the box’s programing so it’s anything but a turnkey product. But at least someone is thinking out of the box. Let’s see more of this, m’kay.