Exclusive: Digg's Lunch Menu And A Terrible Hot Dog Scaling Solution

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Apparently some of Digg’s employees aren’t super happy that their main source of news about Digg is TechCrunch – probably referring to the news that VP of Engineering John Quinn is out.

Digg Designer Danny Trinh Twitters “I love finding out about @digg company news via @techcrunch. Wonder if they’ll post our lunch menu too..”

Yes, we will.

Digg engineer Mark Lewandowski posted it as a response to Trinh’s Twitter (via Ben Standefer’s Facebook). Tomorrow is Greek for lunch and Sushi for dinner, Danny. Thursday though is more complicated. There’s a three hour lunch and people are told when to come out based on a wristband to avoid overcrowding.

Given Digg’s trouble’s with scaling in general we’re not surprised they have to stagger “traffic” to the lunch line too. Ok, bad joke.

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