nikon p7000

Early Hands-On Of The Nikon P7000 Leaks Out, Reported As A Canon G11 Fighter

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The Canon G series has been a fan favorite. The cameras in that series constantly offer near-DSLR performance in a compact size, but Nikon has so far not been able to produce such a product. The upcoming P7000 seems to be worthy of the title of G series fighter. Nikon has yet to announce the pocket cam, but DPreview got an earlier look at the cam and apparently published and then pulled their post. You’re in luck, though.

NikonRumors dug up the Google cache and, well, the hands-on report is worth your time. This camera complete with 10MP CMOS sensor, 720p movie mode, RAW support and the latest imaging processor might be on top of some people’s Christmas list.

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