Despite Sony's Efforts, More Than 20 Pirated PS3 Games Available Online Right Now (And There's More To Come)

Sony may have already started to block the various methods of cracking the PS3 wide open, but that doesn’t mean release groups haven’t taken advantage of the situation. A quick search on any type of “release” site will reveal no less than 20 ripped and fully playable PS3 games.

I’m not in the business of telling you where to find these games, and I just looked around for the sake of doing a “did you know?” post. I don’t have a PS3, and probably won’t get one till Gran Turismo 5 comes out in the year 2025 November.

But the fact remains: the games are available. This, despite Sony’s best efforts to clamp down on the hacks hard and fast.

Here’s one of the nfos:

Says one of the nfos (from Battlefield: Bad Company 2):

This dump was made using the PSGROOVE (PSJailbreak) method using Backup Manager 1.0 . We have tested quite a few old PS3 Scene Rips which mostly didnt work correctly (empty/corrupted or missing files etc..). To warm you up until you receive your jailbreak device we’ll bring you a few PS3 exclusive and some major cross platform titles to get things going…

Like I said, I’ve already found 20+ games online, so this isn’t a case where there’s like one or two floating around out there.