Chris Sacca’s Lowercase Capital Adds $20 Million To Its Coffers

According to a recent SEC filing, it appears that Chris Sacca’s newly launched fund, Lowercase Capital, has raised over $20 million in funding. Under the name Lowercase Industry Fund, Sacca has quietly raised over $11 million in a filing from early August and $10 million in a filing from June. It’s unclear who the investors are from the SEC filing.

This funding adds to Lowercase Capital’s $8.5 million raised earlier this year at the launch of the angel fund. Some of the fund’s previous investments include SimpleGeo, Fanbridge, DailyBooth, Posterous and Stickybits. And Lowercase has been on an investment roll lately, participating in a number of recent rounds in hot startups, including, Chartbeat, and Backupify.

As we wrote in our initial coverage of Lowercase, Sacca’s investment philosophy is fairly simple – It’s cheap to create new companies relative to ten years ago, and there are lots of investors to choose from. He promises to invest more than money, though and will take on a larger role than simply an investor. From the fund’s mission statement, “Rolling up our sleeves, we help design front pages, invent new services, prioritize product features, negotiate partnerships, and deal with the everyday professional and personal challenges of startup life.”

Besides the early-stage fund, Sacca also operates four other funds, so the $20 million could be used in his other investment vehicles.

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