WITN?: Can India Succeed in Exporting Mobile Services Like It Did with Bollywood? (TCTV)

We’re not going to lie to you—this video may feature the world’s worst Skype connection. And that was after 45 minutes of trouble-shooting. While we have no problems connecting to entrepreneurs in Russia or Kenya, apparently London is the land that Skype forgot, which is pretty ironic given it was funded there.

But such old-world telecom connections are the new reality for Monty Munford who moved from uber-telecom connected India back to the UK last month. Munford has worked in two if the industries where India has outdone many other countries: Mobile and Bollywood. (See him above getting pampered.)

As we discussed a few weeks ago with mobile in Kenya – and as Munford wrote in his guest post on Somaliland yesterday – India is one of many countries trying to export what it has done well to Africa. Is Bollywood the model?

In this clip we talk about what India did well with Bollywood. It’s an interesting lesson for any emerging market looking to build more than a copy cat industry, but something that can be a true global sensation.