Dyson's Response To The Air Multiplier Fan Clones

It’s probably a good time to be a patent lawyer over at Dyson. After all since the company produces bonifide innovative products every other week, clones no don’t pop up everywhere. It’s job security. That’s all. Just last week a seemingly perfect clone of the fanless Air Multiplier hit the interwebs and Dyson just issued a statement to do us concerning the knock-offs.

The Dyson Air Multiplierâ„¢ fans were launched in 2009 after four years of research and development. A team of specialist Dyson engineers have refined and patented the technology: illegal copies are of significantly inferior quality. Dyson rigorously defends its intellectual property and treats any infringement very seriously. Dyson is taking legal action against anyone who copies its technology.

In other words, the hounds are released and dem be hungry.