50 Days Of Logos

Last week we changed the TechCrunch logo for a day to salute Twitter – specifically the first crazy Twitter logo with no vowels. And we had so much fun doing it that we decided to keep doing it. Starting today and for the next 50 days we’ll change our logo every day to high five some interesting or important startup. And there will be a few surprises too.

If you miss one you’ll be able to see the archives on this page, and we’ve also added a link to the top of TechCrunch so people will know what’s going on. And yes, we’ve allocated a few slots to sponsored logos as well, you can see details on that information page.

Thanks to Audrey Fukuman for creating these logos.

First up is Facebook, which seems fitting since we are now firmly in the Age of Facebook. Who’s tomorrow? Come back in 24 hours and see for yourself!