Sony Presents Two Great (And Expensive) Headphones

Sony in Japan introduced [JP] two high-end headphones today, the MDR-Z1000 and the MDR-EX1000 (an in-ear model). And both models boast some pretty good specs. The MDR-Z1000, which is pictured above, features 5Hz – 80kHz frequency response, 24Ω impedance, and 108dB/mW sensitivity.

Here’s another shot of the MDR-Z1000:

The in-ear MDR-EX1000 (pictured below) features 5Hz – 30kHz frequency response, 32Ω impedance, and 108dB/mW sensitivity.

The MDR-Z1000 will hit Japanese stores on November 10, while the EX1000 goes on sale on October 23. Both models will carry the same price tag: $735.