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Open Angel Forum, an event bringing together entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and industry professionals, was started by puckish entrepreneur Jason Calacanis to make it easier for entrepreneurs and investors to meet.

With Open Angel Forum, service providers get charged to attend the event but it’s free for angel investors and very expensive for service providers, in the region of $1,500 each. Companies are not required to be in stealth or launch mode at the event.

Now, the OAF is coming to London on Wednesday, October 06, at the new TechHub space for tech people and startups.

Only five service providers get to go to the event. Of course, this is not dissimilar to just getting sponsors, but I digress…

  • Jason

    OMG, a story in TechCrunch about Open Angel Forum… Mike, don’t you know about the Calacanis Ban in TechCrunch!??! :-)

    We make it absurdly expensive for three service providers and typically sell two seats to them… which pays for the burgers and beers. It also keeps the heat off me for it being so exclusionary (only angels with four investments in the past year can come, no spectators, no press, etc)… no one can say “calacanis won’t let me in…” they can only say “calacanis is a jerk for making it $1,500 a ticket.”

    $1,500 is nothing for the high-end service providers. if they sponsor three a year and get one client (angel or startup) they paid $4,500 for a client who has a lifetime value of, well, $50-$250k (think lawfirm, head hunter, hosting company, bank, ibank, etc).

    Look forward to seeing you at FOWA!

  • John

    Not sure why the article complains that service providers are over-charged to sponsor the event. If you cant afford to sponsor it, don’t.

    The OAF is a huge step in the right direction for entrepreneurs tired of paying to apply for pitch events.

    • Mike Butcher

      I didn’t say they were “overcharged”. I said it was a tad pricey, but I see the point of the model. If it works, fine.

  • Mike

    Oh Jason, you so crazzyy.

  • Philip Wilkinson

    So if we meet the criteria as an angel investor – how do we attend?

  • M Reynolds

    And what about entrepreneurs? Can founders looking to connect with angels/vc’s attend?

  • Wil Harris

    Philip / M Reynolds – I’m working with Jason for OAF London – if you’d like to come along please drop me a line – or @wilharris . Cheers!

  • Kneexiaethema


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