Offerpal Gets Its Third CEO In A Year, Garrick Named Executive Chairman

Offerpal Media has just announced that Mihir Shah has been named president and CEO, while chairman and former CEO George Garrick has been named executive chairman. This is Offerpal’s third CEO in a year; Anu Shukla left the company last November following the Scamville drama and was replaced with former Mochi Media CEO George Garrick.

Shah was the company’s chief revenue officer and joined Offerpal in December of 2009. Prior to Offerpal, Shah was VP of ad networks for RockYou. And he previously served as VP and general manager of direct selling services at QuinStreet.

The company has been through a significant amount of change over the past few months. Facebook recently transitioned games and applications from Offerpal’s currencies to Facebook Credits and partnered with rival Trialpay, and the company was forced to lay off people who worked on its Facebook monetization initiatives.

But Offerpal has moved on and recently launched SocialKast, which aims to relieve any game developer that was hurt by Facebook’s recent decision to seriously cut down on the many ways they could distribute notifications via the social networking site in order to get new users to sign up. SocialKast aims to enable game developers to connect with audiences across social networks and media platforms such as Yahoo and Google, opening the doors to massive distribution of game-related notifications to roughly 1 billion users in over 150 countries.

Clearly as the company moves in a new direction, it may need new leadership as well. But it looks like Garrick has helped move the company on this new path beyond Facebook and will continue to act as a key part of the company’s executive board.