Withings scores 3 million euros for the tweeting wifi scale and more

Withings, the Paris-based company behind the famous tweeting wifi body scale, has just scored 3 million euros from French VC firm, Ventech. It’s the company’s first round of funding and will be used primarily for the development of 2 new products, which should come out within the next 6 months.

For anyone who isn’t already familiar with the company’s first product, the tweeting wifi body scale, it’s a terrific wifi-connected device that tracks your weight. May sound simple but it can recognize up to 8 users and allows you to transfer your weight information to a computer, iPhone or iPad – which is where the Tweeting comes from, obviously. The product launched officially last year on June 25 goes for €129 in France and is a great little way to track a fitness program or diet.

For now, the 20-person company is entirely based in Paris but the product is distributed across several continents. The US accounts for roughly 40 percent of sales – as does Europe – and the rest of the world makes up the remaining 20 percent. With a partner in Japan, the startup it is planning to actively develop distribution in Asia – in Korea and Taiwan in particular.

The team still isn’t releasing info on the number of scales sold-to-date nor details concerning the 2 new products that are currently being developed. But we do know that one of the 2 will most likely be a similar, health-related product and other will be for more casual, everyday use.