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Verizon Offering Unlimited and 25MB Pre-Paid Data Plans

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Verizon announced today that they are now offering Unlimited and 25MB 3G data plans for their pre-paid users. The pricing seems reasonable as well — at least on the unlimited plan, which comes in at at $30. At $10 a month, the 25MB plan is a bit steep. Be careful about overages on that 25MB plan; Verizon will charge you $0.20 per megabyte if you exceed your limit.

You can buy the pre-paid plans at Verizon stores today, but they won’t be available online until September 28th.

There is one catch though: Verizon is limiting the new plans to most of their 3G smartphones and multimedia phones, including the Blackberry, Palm, and most Android phones.

[via Mobile Burn]

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