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Televisa partners with Level Up to launch co-branded video game channel

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Televisa Interactive Media, the digital wing of Televisa, the largest Spanish-language media company, has partnered with Busca Corp-owned Level Up to launch an “exclusive” video game channel across Latin America. Level Up is the leading online social media and news site for the Spanish-speaking video-gamer market.

The new channel will be co-branded and will have a content tie-in with Televisa’s vertical video site Tvolucion.

Televisa Interactive Media operates more than 120 different sites, and claims over 450 million visitors every month, reaching more than 15 million unique users, while Busca Corp. is a digital entertainment network for Mexico, Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic markets, with offices in La Jolla, Silicon Valley, Tijuana, Mexico City and Santiago, Chile.

Speaking on the partnership Emilio Aliaga, Content Editor of Televisa Interactive Media, says: “The world of videogames has grown enormously in the Mexican market in recent years. The alliance guarantees our users the best content in the subject.”

  • Kafei

    Todo sea por el amor al dinero.

    • http://wii4everybody.com Ozl

      Chido que lo publicaste Kafail!

      Saludos gente!

  • Rene Banda

    I use Levelup.com the whole time, best Spanish Video Game Website.

  • Tony Martinez

    Para mi Levelup es el #1 espero que no cambie mucho con sus nuevos socios.

  • http://sixservix.com/blog/david David Bonilla

    Level Up is definitely not a winner in the Spanish market and It’s a little bit poor compared with the biggest English site.

    I think that IGN would be a better partner for Televisa !!!

    • Gamersrule

      David, IGN is an english website, Televisa and Levelup are both in Spanish gong after the Latin Market.

      If IGN wants to enter this market, their bes bet is to buy Levelup and take over all their partnerships.

  • Chivasboy

    I am originally from Guadalajara Mexico and moved to Chicago over 3 years ago, and became a Levelup Follower because of MSN in Mexico.

    Levelup is a very good site for the Spanish Speakers and Televisa is the big Monopoly, also they have a very big audience in Latin America.

    Video Games are very hot in the world, and Levelup already has partners with MSN in Mexico so now Televisa.

    You cannot compare the United States Market with Mexico, there are 2 different worlds, and I am happy Televisa goes with another Mexican Site.

  • Javier Gomez

    solo espero q no le den en la madre a este gran sitio q es levelup

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