Record Numbers Pinging Thanks To Apple's Ping

An interesting beneficiary of Apple’s launch of music-oriented social network Ping—social status updater According to Seesmic CEO Loic Le Meur, saw a record number of accounts created yesterday (Seesmic acquired earlier this year).

Could it be a coincidence? Definitely, not. When you Google “Ping,” is the second result under the golf equipment site PING (this doesn’t include News results). Apple’s Ping is actually the fourth result (not including Video results). On Bing, is the third result, behind the golf company and the Wikipedia page for Ping. Clearly, as people starting becoming curious about Apple’s Ping yesterday on search portals, they also found in results.

Le Meur declined to reveal the exact number of accounts created but he did say that the number of accounts created was three times the normal rate in a given day. Apple actually licensed the name Ping from the golf company, as PING owns the trademark.