PSA: Toshiba Recalls 41,000 Laptops For Overheating

Bad news if you own a Toshiba Satellite T130 notebook. It’s got a flaw. In fact, the CPSC (Consumer Protection Safety Comission) just issued a recall for about 41,000 notebook computers, siting a flaw in the plastic casing around the AC adapter plug. Apparently there’s a problem with the DC-in harness that can cause the plastic to melt, causing minor burns. Apparently Toshiba has worked out a way to solve this via a BIOS update, which you can download from Toshiba’s website. The recall only effects certain models, and you can view the full list at the CPSC site, as well as find instructions on how to fix the problem yourself, or have Toshiba fix it for you.

[via Circuit Breaker]