A Pre Owner's Take On webOS 2.0

Now that it’s clear that webOS 2.0 is happening I’m very happy inside. As a Pre owner I had my ups and downs with this phone. Hardware is not so great (however quite resistant to damage), the processor is sluggish, the memory is not enough to open more than a few cards at the same time. I also have constant problems with the headphone jack being stuck in headphone mode making me to make calls by using the speaker only (there’s a fix). Despite all these problems I know that I will keep to the webOS platform. Let me explain why.

Recently I overclocked my Pre. Now it’s lightning fast, seemingly as fast as an Xperia X10. Then there is Preware. It’s a fantastic collection of all the stuff you ever want to put on your Pre or Pixi, including live and beta applications, patches, kernel mods to modify almost every aspect of how your phone operates. One example is the app called Govnah that let’s you control how you want to overclock your phone. The new screenstate profiles will bump up the CPU speed as you like only when the screen is active. This way you save a lot of juice when the phone is in standby.

All these new features coming with webOS 2.0 like Just Type or Stacks are definitely something to look forward to. Just Type will expand the scope of your search into apps. Quick Actions like Twitting or sharing stuff on Facebook will be done from Just Type as well as starting a new email. Stacks will organize your cards into groups for a better overview. The Exhibition mode will allow you to use your phone as a widget booth when it’s on the Touchstone.

For me all this means that Palm is moving forward in a slightly different direction from all the others. I like the fact that webOS is not trying to copy the iPhone or Android. It’s a different solution to the same problem and it’s good.

[via PreCentral]