What Does It Mean? Microsoft Rides The 'Double Rainbow' Meme To Pimp Its Wares


An anonymous tipster – we have reason to believe it was actually a Microsoft employee or contractor – just casually pointed us to a new promotional video that was published on one of the Redmond software giant’s YouTube channels.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few weeks, or are the type of person that goes out and actually interacts with people in real life on a regular basis, you’ll immediately realize they are riding the coattails of the (awesome) ‘Double Rainbow’ meme.

Update: here’s the corresponding blog post from the Windows Live team. The clip actually stars Paul “Bear” Vasquez, the guy who shot the original video, and there’s another one featuring him that’s being released in the future. Which pretty much means the ‘Double Rainbow’ meme is now officially a goner.

Not criticizing, evidently, since we’ve fooled around with it too, as have hipster Web startups and even Adolf Hitler.

Still, a slightly awkward, if totally intense way for Microsoft to promote that Windows Live Hotmail Gallery Photo Stitch Home service – or something like that.

Here’s the original video, and the one with that damn song that is forever stuck in my head.

Because we need more double rainbows in times like these.