Reddit Cofounder Alexis Ohanian To Join Y Combinator

Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian will be taking a position at early stage venture firm Y Combinator, the company will announce later today.

Ohanian left Reddit, one of the first Y Combinator startups (acquired by Conde Nast in 2007), in 2009. He’s not returning to do another startup, like cofounder Steve Huffman did earlier this year with Hipmunk. Rather, he’ll be taking a position with Y Combinator itself. And he may continue to work on other projects as well.

His new position, based in New York, will be Y Combinator’s Ambassador to the East where he will be meeting with East coast applicants and generally representing Y Combinator.

Since leaving Conde Nast in 2009, Alexis has focused on his social enterprise, Breadpig, which has generated over $150,000 for charities.

Ohanian is one of the more passionate and audacious young entrepreneurs in tech today. He’ll get along very well with potential applicants, we suspect, and generally represent Y Combinator well over on the other side of America.

Y Combinator should confirm shortly, we’ll update when they do.

Update: Y Combinator blog post announcing that Ohanian is joining.