Apple Shrinks the iPod Nano But Manages To Add A Touchscreen

Today, Apple announced the next iteration of the iPod nano. Just as leaked, the new version is smaller and squarer. The rumored touchscreen is also onboard – though it’a pretty small (46% smaller – 42% lighter). Apple thinks it is very usable.

Similar to nano’s of past, the new nano will have FM radio w/ Live Pause and iTunes tagging, something Apple refers to as the “smarter way to radio.” Also, the new nano will not have a camera – not sure how many used the camera, nonetheless we hate to see it go.

It’s no wonder why the new shuffle was made even smaller; the new nano is just about as small as the old shuffle. The new Nano is all gesture based and runs iOS4, meaning it should be fast and easy to use. Storage capacity for the nano is kept the same, again, with 8GB and 16GB, priced at $149 and $179 respectively and comes in seven colors. You can pre-order today and they’ll be available next week when they ship.

For those more into the athletic lifestyle, the new nano will be great: built-in clip, pedometer, and as before, support for the Nike+ Sport kit come standard. The battery life is said to be 24 hours. Though Apple is running a free Nano with Mac purchase for their back-to-school promotion, the new Nanos aren’t included. Oh well, we tried.