Video: Move Over Tamagotchi, Here Comes Pet Robot

Taiwanese electronics company Phison has developed some kind of next-generation Tamagotchi, the The little guy is supposed to be an alien spore that lives in a six-legged space ship. Unlike the Tamagotchi, is a robot that can move around – apart from displaying emotions and actions shown on an 121 pixel LED screen.

Much like the Tamagotchi though, must be fed with cookies to be kept alive and in a good mood. The robot can also, in a way, “fart, “burp”, and do a number of other nasty things (it can “sing and dance”, too). Two can even “kiss” each other.

You can interact with the robot by touching it (there are touch sensors in its rear) or shaking it (in which case gets dizzy and stores your wrongdoing in its memory to shape its personality).

The robot, which is sized at 100x85x76mm (weight: 210g) can be remote-controlled and features Bluetooth, an accelerometer, two DC motors, and a 0.5W speaker.

It’s already on sale in Taiwan and parts of Europe where it retails for around $28 (official product page in English).

Here are two videos (more here):

Via Plastic Pals