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Spil Games embraces HTML5 to take its casual games mobile, launches developer contest

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Spil Games, the casual gaming portal, has rolled out mobile versions of its games based on HTML5, making them accessible on a range of Android handsets, as well as the iPhone and iPad. Additionally, the Netherlands-based company is launching a developer contest to help fuel new HTML5 games, with prizes totaling $50,000 for the best new titles.

Claiming to be ranked as a top 60 most visited online property (citing comScore Media Metrix), Spil Games currently sees 130 million unique visitors to its array of casual gaming sites, which include games.co.uk (for families), agame.co.uk (for teens), and GirlsGoGames.co.uk (for girls). In total the company offers 47 localized online gaming destinations in 19 languages, although, until now, these target desktop web users only.

That’s set to change – each destination will now re-direct to a mobile-friendly version if needed – and with today’s announcement, Spil is clearly betting on the cross-platform capabilities of HTML5 with the advent of mobile devices that support the burgeoning standard.

“Openness is at the core of everything we do, which is why HTML5 fits so well with our company mission to unite the world in play,” says Peter Driessen, CEO of Spil Games. “We are aware that HTML5 is still at an early stage, but already developers can use it to make great games, and we are confident that the industry will quickly embrace it. Within three years, we expect HTML5 to be the standard in gaming devices.”

At an early stage, HTML5 may well be but that’s where Spil’s developer contest kicks in. As already noted, the contest, which will run for six months, boasts a prize pot of $50,000, while the winning games will be featured on all Spil Games’ mobile portals.

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  • Fred

    The T&Cs say that Spill get to own all winning entries and get a license to distribute all non-winning entries. Cheap bit of outsourcing for them.

  • Geron Fildera

    The thing everyone seems to overlook is that Spil Games isn’t doing this out of love for the HTML5 platform, it’s an act of desperation. On the web they were able to please everyone with their free flashgame portals, but the world has changed, and in this changing world they are losing their leading distributor role. Why? First: on the web Facebook has overtaken them as leading game distributor in no time (Spil is failing to make a succesful presence on FB) Second, everyone is turning to mobile games. And Spil cannot do anything in this application dominant environment but promoting an open standard like html5, hoping people will surf to their mobile portal destinations instead. Unfortunately they have little chance. They cannot beat the iStore and Android market as distributors and they certainly cannot beat the games quality and quality of interface of installable app games. Easy come, easy go for Spil I’m afraid.

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