Contribute To Charities As You Shop And Share With Endorse For A Cause

Endorse for a Cause is launching today to allow you to raise money for your favorite charities while making purchases online. Some online retailers allow you to do this through their own sites, but Endorse For A Cause is hoping to allow consumers to give back at any online retailer.

Once you register on the startup’s site, you can access your favorite stores on EFAC’s site. EFAC lists the percentage of your purchase that will be donated to the organization (which ranges from 0.7 percent to 8 percent).

And EFAC also has widgets on retail sites like Target, Old Navy and Starbucks that allow you to share retail items to Facebook and Twitter; if any of your friends purchase the item shared, EFAC will donate the affiliate fees to a charity.

While EFAC is partnering with a number or charities, including Kiva, The Humane Society Of The U.S., the American Cancer Society, and the American Red Cross, the startup allows you to nominate charities to the platform. You can also earn points on EFAC for raising money, win badges, and prizes for participation.

Endorse For A Cause seems like a easy way to go about your everyday activities and be able to give back. A number of startups have been trying to innovate around this space including CauseOn and CauseWorld.