Blizzard Wouldn't Mind Seeing James Cameron Direct StarCraft Movie

Is there any other RTS out there that could as easily be made into a movie as StarCraft? Probably not, no. What’s slightly more pie-in-the-sky? Getting James Cameron to direct it. It’s a nice idea, certainly, and especially considering that the man only directs smash-hits, but do you really see James Cameron taking time out of his post-Avatar world to direct a video game movie? I mean, isn’t he busy planning an Avatar sequel?

That’s the dream, though.

Blizzard told MTV, in a sorta, “wouldn’t it be nice if…”

I think if Jim Cameron came to us tomorrow and said, ‘You want to make a StarCraft movie?’ we’d probably sign that.

More relevant for the integrity of any possible film (or even TV series), Blizzard says that it’s “really important to us that we find creative people that are really talented but also really excited about our properties.”

You don’t want some hotshot director barging in, stamping his sill vision on a film that has nothing to do with the “soul” of the series, so to speak.