AOL Answers Sees The Light Of Day, 3 Years After AOL's Acquisition Of Yedda

Next November, it will be three years since AOL acquired Israeli startup Yedda in an effort to foray into the online Q&A service business.

Today, Yedda is finally graduating to a full-fledged AOL property with the ‘launch’ of AOL Answers (or Aol Answers, still not sure about that).

Since nothing else changes apart from the name – Yedda users still have access to their accounts and their bookmarks are still available – there’s not much to add at this point.

AOL Answers is a straight-forward Q&A site similar to the plethora of other services out there, including Yahoo Answers, and Ask Answers.

As such, it’s not to be compared to ‘next-generation’ Q&A services that tap your social graph rather than the entire Web community as a whole, such as Quora, Aardvark and the recently launched Facebook Questions.

Featured questions on the site range from ‘Is there an age limit on blogging?’ to ‘How to thicken oil based paint’ and ‘Have you seen the movie Casablanca?’.