Video: iPad-based Point Of Sale Cash Register System

By now, we’ve learned the Japanese have found a number of creative ways to use the iPad. And today we can show you a new one: the iPad as the basis of a sophisticated, yet low-cost point of sale cash register system. Dubbed FLAVIUS [JP], the system is actually being used by several business across Japan already.

The way it works is that the iPad is the core of a system that also includes a special-purpose counter (pictured below) and a Wi-Fi router. The iPad can be used as both a cash register interface and as an ordering device. FLAVIUS maker Global Network service even integrated a reporting and attendance management system into the system.

For example, it’s possible for owners to check the revenues of their stores remotely (on the web) and in real-time.

This video (shot by DigInfoNews in Tokyo) provides more insight (it’s in English):