Send The Trend Launches To Feed Your Accessories Addiction (And Make You Look Fabulous)

I see a decision engine linked to an innovative ecommerce strategy. But at least one person in the office simply described it as “fabulous.” Either way, Send The Trend, a site that sells women’s accessories, launched moments ago and is worth taking a look at. In a nutshell, the site takes you through a very short survey of what kind of accessories you may want, and it then recommends five different accessories for you (bracelets, rings, scarves, etc.). You can then buy any of the items for $30.

“We simplify the discovery process of finding the season’s best accessories & serve you five customized options based on your style survey,” says the company. The survey takes all of 45 seconds. You are asked things like your favorite brands/retail stores (are you JCrew or H&M?), favorite celebrity look (Reese Witherspoon or Sarah Jessica Parker?), office v. casual, etc. And then you’re presented with the goods.

I selected a nice set of Lily Pink Earrings, which I think work perfectly with my jeans/tshirt office uniform. Want to avoid all that? You can, just use the search feature to find what you want. Everything is $30.

And joking aside, it’s a heck of a deal. Apparently. Send The Trend’s Fashion designer Christian Siriano works directly with well known brands to create unique exclusive accessories for the site that (for the most part) cannot be found anywhere else. Here’s a gallery of some of the items they are selling now and next month.

Each month after you join you’ll receive an email with additional accessories based on your survey, and you can either select one or skip the process and not be charged that month.

If you want a discount, enter TechCrunch in the promo code area and you’ll get $5 off your first purchase. If you want to make some money, invite your friends. You get a $5 credit for every friend you invite who buys something. And for every ten people you invite who simply register (no purchase needed), you get a free accessory. Finally, whoever invites the most friends gets to attend the Christian Siriano Spring 2011 Fashion Show in New York and actually meet Christian (I understand this is the equivalent of getting to meet Steve Jobs for a geek).

The company was founded by Divya Gugnani, Mariah Chase and Christian Siriano. Gugnani is a well known media personality who previously founded Behind The Burner, a site that showcases culinary experts. Behind the Burner raised $500,000 in angel funding in September 2008, and the company raised another $300,000 this month for Send the Trend (Send the Trend is a subsidiary of Behind the Burner).