RIM Avoids Indian Ban Hammer, Cooperates With Security Authorities Over BlackBerry E-Mail

Looks like RIM has dodged a bullet in India, at least for the time being. The BlackBerry maker has provided the Indian government with “proposals for local security agencies to monitor BlackBerry service” so that, when necessary, the Indian government can tap into BlackBerry users’ email. And while that may not sound too positive a development, it was either that or risk an outright ban.

As it stands, the Indian government will study RIM’s proposal to make sure everything is to its liking. The review process is expected to take some 60 days.

This is but the latest example of RIM facing pressure for various governments: either give us access to BlackBerry e-mail, or be banned from the country outright.

The fear is that bad guys could use the encrypted communication to plan bad things.

In any event, RIM has cooperated, so no need to worry about a ban. Maybe you’d want to worry about a government characterizing this or that e-mail chain as being subversive, but that’s a concern for another day.