No Joke: University of Florida Class Called ’21st Century Skills in Starcraft’

Reasonably torn about this next story. There’s an honors class at the University of Florida this semester called “21st Century Skills in Starcraft.” Basically, you play the game for a bunch of weeks, and somewhere along the way you pick up “valuable 21st Century Skills through a hands-on approach.” Sure you do.

The course description goes on:

It does not teach about Starcraft, but rather aims to utilize the game and the complex situations that arise within it to present and develop the important skills professionals will undoubtedly need in the 21st Century workplace.
This course includes required weekly game play, viewing and analysis of recorded matches, written assignments which emphasize analysis and synthesis of real/game-world concepts, and collaboration with other students.

I mean, it sounds neat, but I’m not quite sure your ability to Zerg rush has much to do with doing well during a job interview. Perhaps the idea of resource management can apply to the “real world,” but it seems a bit of a stretch.

Stay in school, kids. You might get to play StarCraft. (Try explaining that one to your parents!)

Update: They’re not the first. Cal began offering Advanced Starcraft Theory in 2009.